Please meet our team:

Sorina Iurenco

Office manager

Sorina worked for 5 years as a manager for a big company in Israel. For 10 years she owned her HR agency, with over 500 employees. She used to work with registration and preparation of documents for the work and guest visas. She concluded working contracts, negotiated with the owners of companies and the consulate abroad. She has a great experience working with embassies in different countries. In USA she graduated from Mt Hood Community College. As an Office Clerk. In Chiropractic Injury Center Sorina works as an Office Manager and Marketing Manager as well as Receptionist. She knows Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, English and Hebrew.

Dmitriy Tupikov D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic

I was born in Kazakhstan and my parents had immigrated to America when I was about 6 years old. The first 5 years were very difficult for us like many immigrants and I saw my parents struggle every day to work, feed their kids, pay the bills, buy a house, fix the house, etc. Through this my parents showed me how to have a strong work ethic and how to be responsible and I am very grateful for that. I was very fortunate as well that they had helped me all the way through school.

I chose this profession from my experience as a patient. I had been a break dancer for many years and after a few years I had injured practically every joint in my body and was expecting to have surgery on my neck, my shoulder, and knee. The medical system basically advised me to take pain medication until I needed surgery and I was not ecstatic about to hear so I had given up on my own treatment because I did not like those options.  A few years later I was fortunate to run into the best doctor I have met to this day and after talking to him for a little bit I decided to though treatment with him. My experience was nothing short of amazing. Within three visits my worst pain had resolved and within 1 month I was pain free and I continued treatment for about a year so that everything would stabilize. Through that experience it had resparked my interest in this profession and I started being mentored by him and eventually enrolled into chiropractic school. I completed my education at the University of Western and have loved being in practice ever since.

Alexandru Lungu

Chiropractic Assistant

The most favorite procedure of our customers is massage. And if you are treated by an experienced professional, it is not only pleasure but a serious help as well. Alexandru is practicing massage for the last 20 years. He graduated from Medical College in Romania and he is a hereditary chiropractor. He learned everything from his father, who was a chiropractor with 40-year experience. His father was not only a doctor in a hospital but also a professor in medical university. Father and son were well known in Moldova because the could literally do miracles. Once Alexandru was invited to a patient. She was laying in her bed for 9 months after a stroke. Her both legs and both hands were paralyzed. At first she couldn’t feel anything, but Alexandru was massaging her for 1.5-2 hours every time. And in 1.5 months she could move her legs, stand up. And in 2 months she started to walk. In 3 year she returned to her job and could work with both hands. You may ask, how is he doing that? Alexandru feels every patient very good and can tell al to about his sicknesses related to the back spine. «A patient should be opened» – that’s what he says – «And should be tuned to be healed». Alexandru practice some treatments from ethnoscience and uses compressions, which help to  heal the diseases of internal organs. He also took the spirituality from his father, who was not only a wonderful doctor, but a pastor. In church Alexandru not only teaches biblical principles of life, but he is also a great singer. This is one of his long-term interest. He is single for now.