Physical Rehabilitation

After an injury, the body automatically inhibits the muscle to protect it and prevent further injury. On top of having the muscle fibers be overstretched or torn this causes them to become very weak. Physical rehabilitation helps restore the strength in those muscle cells and stimulates the body to grow new healthy muscle cells. This is the most important therapy to help you recover from your injury.

Our staff using different techniques and methods:

  • Manual Therapy. Best for any injury. ...
  • Ice Therapy (Injuries involving inflammation and swelling.)
  • Heat Therapy (Injuries involving muscular spasms and tightness.)
  • Ultrasound (Connective tissue injuries.)
  • Traction (Disc herniation)
  • Functional Electrical Stimulation. (Restoring muscular strength)
  • Exercise (Any injury)

Physical Rehabilitation Portland Gresham Dmitriy Tupikov D.C.