DOT Exam

DOT Exam

 Driving a commercial motor vehicle means long, hard hours on the road. A Department of Transportation Medical Examinations (DOT) is mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), ensuring that CDL drivers are in good health to work safely. 

The FMCSA requires all commercial drivers to have a certificate of good health, which you’ll receive upon passing your DOT Medical Examination. Only medical professionals who have had the proper training in FMCSA regulations to determine if you’re healthy enough to work safely and ensure that you’re not wrongly disqualified, can issue the certificate. We administer these exams and write medical certificates that allow truck drivers to work.

During these exams we will conduct a general examination of the heart, lungs, ears, nose, eyes, spine, etc. We will also make sure you are healthy and well. If there are any health concerns that need to be addressed we will refer you to the appropriate specialists and give you our recommendations for you to manage your conditions.

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