Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked question that our customers have during their visits. We recommend to read them through before giving a call to clinic

Can diagnostics such as an MRI/X-ray/Ultrasound be ordered?

Diagnostic imaging can be ordered with the appropriate clinical findings. It is not a screening diagnostic but if I believe that there is suspicion of nerve, disc, ligament or tendon injuries then it can be done.

Will my treatment be covered by the auto insurance?

This is not legal advice and I would recommend counseling with an attorney that works in this field for the best advice. In the state of Oregon auto policies have PIP benefits (personal injury protection) which provide benefits for medical treatment such as chiropractic, massage, emergency room visits, medical doctor appointments, surgical consultations, etc. The minimum amount of coverage for these policies is $15,000 but a policy can be bought with higher limits and they generally have no deductible for PIP. If you have any questions give our office a call we will help walk you through the process.

Is it harmful to get regular adjustments?

No. Through regular activities of life we put stress on our spine and over time this can cause it curve and “be out of place” as well cause it to become stiff and not function as well. Adjustments can help put the spine back into place and restore the mobility so that it can be straight and move freely.

Can I get a referral to a medical doctor or specialist?

Yes, after taking your history and evaluating your individual case if there is a need for you to see another provider we will send that referral.

Can we schedule our first consultation over the phone? And what documents are needed for that consultation?

Yes, give us a call and we will be happy to schedule you and answer any questions you may have. For the first visit we will need a government issued form of ID such as a driver license/passport and if it is an auto accident we will need your claim number and copy of your insurance.

Can a patient from a different state be treated here under their auto insurance?

Rules and regulations will differ from state to state. Rules and regulations will differ from state to state, give us a call and we can assist you in figuring out how to help you get care.

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