Work Injuries

If you sustained a work injury you might be wondering if you should open a claim. Is your employer going to fire you? Are you going to get lost wages paid? Will you get all the treatment you need for full recovery?

With Worker’s Compensation, you have the right to file a claim if you have a work-related injury. A chiropractor can see you for 18 visits or 60 days after your first visit. Often this is not enough time to make a full recovery and we can refer you to a medical doctor who becomes an attending physician for your case. They help prolong treatment to complete your recovery and can also further refer you to specialists that help evaluate the full extent of your injuries. At our clinic we will help you fill out the necessary forms and send them to your insurance company and medical doctor so that you don’t need to worry about paperwork.

Professionals at the Chiropractic Injury Center understand that these types of injuries can be tough to manage especially if they stop you from working and will help you through the process. If you need legal help, we will direct you to the right attorneys who can give you guidance.

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